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You are launching a new product...
  • What channels and media will most effectively and efficiently maximize market share?
  • How much to spend and where?
  • What mix of Print, TV, Radio, Telesales, Electronic and Direct Sales?
  • How can you obtain increased share for existing products? Traditional marketing plan tactics or radical re-think?
Smart Allocator solves these problems quickly and effectively.


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This media-planning tool uses proprietary software to reach the optimum levels for the allocation of funds and media choice, to achieve a required change in the behaviour of the target audience.
The output is an entirely media neutral plan, tailored to the target audience, with an optimised budget split, presented in a format that is clearly supported for complete client reassurance.
In today’s world of accountability it is important that budgets are spent in the most effective way possible
Smart Allocator takes the user through a series of questions based on industry, product and life cycle to set a weighted framework for applicable marketing channels. Using a target behavioural objective this tool allocates marketing spend across different channels taking into account reach, frequency, diminishing returns and production costs.



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