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    If the most important question in business today is 'What If?', the manager that can uncover the answer will be ahead of the game...

    • How drastically will a 15% cut in your marketing spend reduce sales?
    • Are alternative media more appropriate for your product promotion?
    • Will higher prices increase your bottom line three quarters from now?

    Winsight offers precision insight into your data to optimize all aspects of your marketing plan.


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    This management decision aid is employed to increase effectiveness in brand investments

    Using advanced modelling techniques, and a wealth of experience developing models for clients. It unlocks secrets held in data, creating a series of learnings allowing managers to 'What If?' scenario test different strategies before field implementation.

    Enabling users to gain fast, accurate understanding of even the most complicated problems by utilising the latest cutting-edge technology

    All data are visualised graphically, and are exportable to most desktop packages e.g. PowerPoint, Excel etc.

    Winsight takes the user through the step by step modelling process from data importing and cleaning through to modelling and optimisation.

    Winsight’s unique ease of use belies the software’s application of advanced proprietary computational techniques including artificial intelligence, genetic algorithms and exhaustive combinational searching.





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