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ADVANCED MARKETING SCIENCES (AMS) enables companies to turn data into actionable market intelligence and optimised marketing plans.
Industry veteran Piers Heriot-Walker founded AMS five years ago with the aim of delivering competitive advantage to clients through more robust marketing analytics. AMS has provided advanced consulting solutions to key Global 1000 firms while developing sophisticated analytical software applications geared specifically to marketing departments.
Our software suite represents a revolutionary advance, displacing static and costly consulting engagements with dynamic real-time information flow that allows our clients to optimise and continuously refine their marketing execution. We have assembled a team of seasoned managers with a unique blend of experience in the marketing, consulting and technology industries to capture the significant market opportunity.
PREDICTIVE MARKETING ANALYTICS represents a major opportunity in an expanding market.
“Future CEO’s will need to get more from their marketing efforts to avoid commoditisation, create new sources of competitive advantage and drive growth”.
Financial Times Global CEO Survey 2004.
AMS harnesses the power of data to deliver more efficient, optimised and accountable results. Our solutions empower managers to implement marketing plans that are more effective and to optimise their spending to meet growth targets and rigid financial requirements. We rely on deep industry and analytics expertise, as well as our leading-edge software applications to translate your extensive data banks into valuable sources of competitive advantage.
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