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    Market Share Analysis


    A leading pharmaceutical manufacturer employed AMS to discover why their smoking control products were suffering a decline in sales across the North American market.

    • Why were value / volume sales in decline?
    • What action could be done to combat this trend?
    • How does one establish flexible and effective strategies?

    Analysis and Teamwork:

    Market overviews for each brand were formed by working closely with our client. This identified the areas in which brands were failing alongside competitor positioning.

    Winsight was used to establish the market driven variables and their elasticities, and then produced econometric models for all products including the competitors’. Smart Dashboard provided the virtual environment in which to manipulate possible scenarios, with its ‘interactive tool-box’.

    Recommendations and Results:

    We identified an ineffective and unsuccessful marketing mix, out of step with competitor positioning.
    By recognising this and establishing optimal and effective strategies, the sales decline was reversed and competitiveness improved.


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