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    Understanding Market Drivers


    One of the largest durable goods producers in Europe approached AMS to help them identify and better understand the key market drivers for their products.

    • Were current strategies maximising sales potential?
    • How do specific strategies affect sales?
    • Are we employing our optimum marketing mix?
    • Which variables are capable of influencing sales?

    Analysis and Teamwork:

    Working alongside our client we collected and collated historical marketing and sales data to create a category map. This map allowed us to isolate and investigate the effect of each individual variable, providing us with clear indicator as to what were the primary market drivers.

    Using the data gained from Winsight, an ‘interactive tool-box’ was created by Smart Dashboard. This offered our client the ability to manipulate specific variables with high correlations to volume sales and to observe the impact on sales in a virtual environment.

    Recommendations and Results:

    We enabled our client to better understand the dynamics of key market drivers affecting specific brands, and identified the appropriate tools for the precipitation of growth.

    This information was then used to increase product sales through optimised marketing efforts.


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