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    Optimising the Marketing Mix


    A leading pharmaceutical manufacturer approached AMS to help them understand their market positioning. The scope of the engagement included identifying the optimal marketing mix for their brands across the UK , US, France , Germany and Japan.

    • What steps can be taken to increase profit?
    • What mix for each market?
    • How does our competitors’ marketing mix affect us?
    • How do we stay ahead of the competition?

    Analysis and Teamwork:

    Together with our client, we studied each brand’s marketing mix. We then created a category map in order to identify the most significant driving variables in each market.

    Market and cross-market elasticities were calculated, and econometric models were produced using Winsight.

    Smart Dashboard incorporated the models to create an ‘interactive tool-box’, offering our client a virtual environment in which to manipulate the marketing mix.

    Recommendations and Results:

    Detailed market overviews were produced for our client, identifying key segments in each of the markets.

    This allowed for the optimisation of the marketing mix, tailored for each individual market. As a result profit increased and our client was now able to accurately gauge market positioning alongside competitors.


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